As TANISHK ENERGY Construction, the construction arm of TANISHK ENERGY, we are Construction organization and ranked among the GOOD contractors. We contribute significantly to build the image and stature of TANISHK ENERGY across the globe and drive TANISHK ENERGY's reputation as 'the builder of the India of the 21st century' by offering EPC solutions to execute Small to large industrial and infrastructure projects from concept to commissioning on a turnkey basis with single-source responsibility. Our multiple businesses encompass distinct but complementary capabilities, that address different segments of infrastructure and industry.

Design & Engineering

We are into the Design; Architectural and other Consultancy works across the State. We have carried out lot of prestigious Consultancy and design services for many Governments and Private Organization which adds value to this organization.

Realty & Infrastructure

The real estate sector is a very important & critical sector of our economy. It has a huge multiplier effect on the economy and therefore, is a big driver of economic growth. It is the second-largest employment-generating sector after agriculture.

With huge sector, comes huge responsibilities & being a part of this sector we are aware of that. Our vision is not only to give our customers a complete living experience from beginning to end with quality products, clear transactions, and secure constructions but also on the larger issues like impact on environment, social responsibilities of the industry etc. We are continuously improving ourselves by adapting better techniques, ecofriendly methods, proper training of the staff, raising good social & economical stands through responsible associations, thus making a better constructed India for tomorrow.

Trading & Supply

We are into the Supply and Trading of various Construction and Building Materials in various Departments across India. The supplied Goods are warehoused and supplied by us in Bulk to cater to the industrial needs of the Companies.