Know About Tanishk Energy

Tanishk is a group of highly professional, pragmatic, and diligent professionals. The organisation, led by a team of experts who have more than 15 years of rich Construction experience in real estate and infrastructure and have worked for ICONIC and FEW OF ITS KINDS projects in India. Supported by a strong core team of Techno Managers and innovative enthusiasts with experience in all the areas of construction industry.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be a Professionally Managed Organization Driven by Entrepreneurial Spirit, Committed to Total Customer Satisfaction.

Our Values: Pioneering Attitude Trustworthy Spirit Proactive Involvement Compassionate World Class Excellence.

Corporate Policies

TANISHK ENERGY’s approach to Corporate Governance is built on a rich legacy of fair and transparent governance and disclosure practices, many of which were in existence even before they were mandated by legislation.

The Company's essential character is rooted in values based on transparency, integrity, professionalism, and accountability. At the highest level, the Company continuously endeavours to improve upon these aspects and adopts innovative approaches towards protecting resources, fostering healthy growth and development of talent through empowerment and motivation, and caring for our environment and communities.

Our Valuable Customers